Monday, February 06, 2006

Sunday, May 22, 2005

VW Camper Van Living

Last week I took a break from the office and hit the south coast of England to find some rays and Cornish creams!! Although i was unsuccessfull with both the rays and the cream, i did have one of the best trips of my life!! I toured the coast in a 1975 VW Camper Van which i hired from Kampa'dayz near Crew. It was brilliant! Excellent views and suprisingly stunning campsites along with brilliant customer service resulted in a faultless trip.

As a new avid VW campervan fan i an searching for avalible models and styles and i have been overwhelemed by the amount of information avalible. The thing is that i need advice as to whether it would be a wize investment for a 23 year old girl to make. Does anybody know of any courses that i could go on to learn more about the mechanical side of the vans? Any ideas?


Sydney Rented Accommodation

I am currently looking for flats to rent in Sydney, Australia. I am hoping to head over there in a year or so and have the taste to see what my options are. Any ideas or previous experiences of living in rented accommodation in Sydney CBD would be great,